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There are many ways to enjoy the great outdoors. One of the favorite past times of travelers is hiking. Turkey offers an abundance of lush green mountains and hilltops overlooking mother nature’s beauty and brilliance.  But the scenery goes further to offer panoramic views of the Mediterranean.  Our professionally guided hiking trips are combined with our luxury gulet cruises to present to you a double perspective within the compounds of Turkey’s natural playground.
All guided hiking tours and gulet sailing trips are organized for private groups.  We do not offer them in combination with gulet cabins charters as this type of holiday, we feel, can be best experienced with your own group – whether with family or friends.  This style of holiday offers you the freedom of a gulet cruise itinerary combined with established hiking trails planned by professionals who know the regions well.  During our hiking and gulet holidays the time is yours. Therefore how long you wish to stay in one anchorage point or resting stop is your decision. We do plan an itinerary for both trips; however it can be adjusted while you are on tour.
Here you will find not only the above described amazing views from both land and sea.  The trails can be routed according to your personal status – from slow paced easy going to high stamina level trails.
The Lycian Way is a 500 km hiking trail along the Mediterranean coast between Fethiye and Antalya. In places it climbs high in the gruelling Taurus mountains; but between Kaş and Demre it closely follows the rocky coast, and this less strenuous section is suitable for a wider range of fitness levels. At the same time these sparsely-populated headlands have few options for supplies and water.
Our hiking cruise allows you to leave your backpack behind while you hike, and relax in comfort at the end of each day. After you start in the morning (with trail guidance from Captain Osman), the boat will travel to the arranged meeting point. In warmer weather you might meet the boat for lunch (and a cooling dip and rest in the shade). Or if you want to cover the full daily distances described by Kate Clow, you might prefer to take our packed lunch and meet later.
Of course the gulet is also your backup if the weather turns rainy or in case of blisters. And for keen hikers with a less enthusiastic family, the other members can enjoy the same spectacular scenery – from the comfort of their mobile sun lounger.
Either way, at the end of the day you have all the comforts of our boat; a delicious prepared evening meal, an inviting dive into the cooling waters (and a hot shower!), perhaps an evening drink then a comfortable bed.
Below is a sample itinerary – each day can vary depending on the weather and your energy levels, and wind and wave direction influence where we can moor for a comfortable night’s sleep.
To discuss your dream holiday in Turkey, contact us for this exciting hybrid vacation opportunity – Carian coast and lycian way hiking trips and gulet cruises.
Hike the Lycian Way along the coastline between Kaş and Demre, combined with a cruise lifestyle onboard our gulet at the end of each day.


Day 1 : Dalaman - Gocek or Fethiye 

Meet the group at the Dalaman airport and transfer to Fethiye port (1 hr) where we will board to our yacht and spend 7 nights in yacht. The yacht is comfortable for sailing with its master cabins with shower and toilets. Overnight on board
Day2 : Fethiye – Kayakoy 
Today we sail to Fethiye, 2400 years ago, Fethiye (FET-hee-yeh) was the prominent town of Telmessos, but earthquakes have left only a few Lycian stone sarcophagi from the old town, along with the dramatic Tomb of Amyntas carved into the sheer rock cliff high above the town. Today it is truly paradise for those who want to sail through history. The resort town of Fethiye has an important marina and overlooks a beautiful bay strewn with islands. We go on the sailing to Kayakoy, the largest Greek ghost town in Asia Minor. After the foundation of Turkish republic, the governments of Turkey and Greece chanced the population. Turkish government sent the Greek people to Selanic and took the Turkish population to Kayakoy from Selanic. And then we arrive to Oludeniz, its beach takes its eerie name from the secluded lagoon at the beach's western end. Overnight on board
Day 3 : Gemiler - Kalkan - Simena (Sunken City) - Kekova 
Today our first stop will be Kalkan. Kalkan, an attractive village built into the steep seacliff. Kalkan is an ideal base for the yatch for suppling their needs. After 2 hrs sailing, reaching to Firnaz bay. After the breakfast we will visit Kalkan harbour. Aftenoon our  journey will go on to Kekoka, Gokkaya bay. The 'three mouths' of Ucagiz are the two openings east and west of Kekova island and the channel to the village itself. As trade between the Lycians and the other Hellenistic Greeks increased so did piracy and many harbors and ports were fortified in the same way that Kekova is. Inside the castle is a theatre cut from the rock. It has no stage. Its seven rows of seats could hold about 300 people, an indication of Simena?s small size. We anchor today to Gokkaya island. Overnight on boat.
Day 4 : Kekova Island - Visit Myria 
In the morning we will visit Demre , the archaeological site of ancient Myra is two kilometres away from modern Demre. The origins of this city date back to the fifth century B.C. The Lycians were an unified race, sharing coinage, a common language and script not dissimilar to Jndo-European though Greek had replaced this language by the fourth century. The Church of St. Nicholas was built in the third century A.D. It was later enlarged and embellished  with the contributions made by pilgrims who came in ever increasing numbers, became a basilica. After the visit Demre, we walk from Kapakli bay to simena casstle. Simena, whose harbour is dotted with ancient sarcophagi (tombs) and whose houses cling to a hillside beneath a medieval castle. Hiking up to the castle we find within its walls a tiny ancient theatre, carved from the solid rock, a wonderful place to sit and soak up the beautiful surroundings. Only the way to reach this village is by boat. İn winter times the children are carried by boat for their schools to other town. Opportunity for swimming. Overnight on board in Kekova
Day 5 : Kas- Fırnaz (Kalkan) 
In the morning after breakfast we visit the bays of Kekova then sailing to Kas (2 hrs), the ruins of Antiphellos are spread around the town of Kas which lies at the neck of a small peninsula in the Mediterranean. We will walk to Theathre in Limanagzi (1 hr walk). Afternoon we will sail Fırnaz bay. Dinner and overnight on board.
Day 6 : Fırnaz –Gemiler - Cleopatra - Tersane 
In the morning, we sail, this idyllic cruise means sailing with the winds, into coves and over the seas and becoming one with nature. It is also an experience of the history of man from the perspective of the sea rather than from the land, a journey which carries you to the private beach of Cleopatra. Continue to the sailing to Tersane Island, stand Byzantine ruins, including those of the ancient shipyards. Overnight on board
Day 7 :Tersane -  Göcek Gulf 
Relaxing day on board . We will admire the wonderful views of turquoise seas. A last chance to relax and unwind before the tour ends.Overnight on board.
Day 8 :Fethiye or Göcek harbour 
End of the service .Leaving time.
**We will be happy to assist you in organizing your journey.
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